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[Eng] Airbnb Tips: Master a Guidebook.

When a guest books an Airbnb listing, no matter where it was, tips and local recommendations always prove useful.

Of course, guests already have their own plans but I’ve found that host suggestions can always pleasantly surprise them, especially if your listing is in an unusual location. 

With Airbnb, Hosts can create an Airbnb guidebook and send a link to the guest (If you have multiple listings in the same area you can link it all together so you’ll only need one guidebook). 

It’s worth remembering that everyone, whether your guest or not, can also access the link in the  "Location" section of your listing. Here is my own Airbnb Guidebook

I’ve created my own Airbnb guidebook but I’ve also created an alternate version with Microsoft PowerPoint and saved it in a PDF format. This can be time-consuming but I assure you, the return makes it worth it! Here I’ve shared what I’ve done which guests often appreciate… and some also mention it when they write their review!

Please note; My Homestay is 15 mins by car to a City Center. 99% was a foreign traveler. 57% from China guests, 10% from America and Korea, 23% are other countries.

The Benefit of creating your own Guidebook is you can add more details: You may have somehow forgotten to send the guest a message with a frequently asked question that you are used to having to always answer. You can keep all of that information in your guidebook for the guest to refer to. But remember, you should not include anything about your privacy or security like a WiFi password or your house plan.

  • Direction: I would encourage you to write the details of how to get to your place and any transportation tips (like bus routes or specifics for an Uber driver) as if anything changes on the day, the guest has those details ahead of time.

  • House rules: You need to make sure at least a guest know you have them and they must be stuck to. Check-in or out process can be added.

  • Facility: Specific things like how to use your gas stove, how to turn on the TV, or how to use your washing machine. It may seem obvious but after you have to host for a while, you will realize what frequent a question these are!

  • Emergency contact: for you, specific trusted people or hospital nearby.

My own House manual and Guidebook

After you've got your own Guidebook prepared, there’s more you need to do with it:

  1. Most importain ...Let the guest know that you have it! It seems basic but most guests need to use Airbnb a couple of times before they know this function, and 58% of my guests have 0 or 1 review. Every time I got a booking, I will send my guidebook to my guest via link or email. In my experience, if you host Chinese guests you may need to ask them for a specific email as they didn't provide it to Airbnb.

  2. A digital format is great but to get top marks, you’ll want a printed version. You should have at least 1 copy in the guest room. A lot of guests may not be interested when you send it the first time but after check-in it’s another story,  especially for the senior guest, as they love to read. Personally, I print it out as a booklet to enhance the look! It turns out that the booklet is like a game-changer for me as it helps me a lot in reducing my pool location thumb’s down chances, as it shows the area the guest will not have known about without it. A word to the wise: if your book looks very nice a guest may take it as a souvenir. It’s happened to me twice so be sure to message them to return when at check-out.

  3. Suggesting local places. Don't just use information from Google! Check it out for yourself, go there, experience it, take photos and write about it. I do meet the owner and introduce myself. When I’ve got a guest that’s interested in shopping, I’ll message a local shop owner or go there with them. It takes time but some of my guests say to me “I feel like I am now in Chiang Mai as the shop owner didn't treat me as a customer but as my friend.” On top of this, if you become a well-known in your neighborhood you can transform these ideas into Experiences.

  4. More than just a room. If you can turn your neighborhood into guest experiences you are now offering something bigger than a room, and believe it or not, guests know that. The Guidebook may not be appreciated by every guest but for those that do you will receive a great review and it will encourage other guests to book that will suit your host style. It will lead to guests who are looking for a different experience.

  5. More income. I also host Airbnb Experiences so in my guidebook I also mention about my activities. Believe it or not, 10% of my guests book both the house and experiences! So if you also have your own business you should add it as some guests may also be interested in checking it out.

My guest cooking togetter with my friend in his's restaurant.

Thanks for reading, why don't you give making your own Guidebook a try! To create your own guidebook, go to this link.

Happy Hosting! 


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