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[Eng] Airbnb host tips: A home host who enriches passion by hosting Experiences.

Hello everyone, my name is Nutth I am a fulltime host. I moved from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and renovated my family’s house to a homestay.  It has been nearly 2 years since I joined Airbnb. My listings are private rooms so I meet my guests in person including spending time with them in the kitchen or at restaurants nearby. After I finish checking in my guests, I always have some spare time left so I decided to join Airbnb Experiences.

The differences between hosting guests in your home and Airbnb Experiences is that to be an Airbnb Experiences host you have to submit an idea and the Airbnb team will look into it and approve your photos and the activity you would like to lead. I joined the first group of Airbnb Experiences hosts when they just started in my city. It took about 3 weeks before I got an email saying my experiences will be live! (Nowadays it only takes 2 days to get verified )

I host 2 Airbnb experiences. Firstly, "Follow a Monk's Trail to the Sunrise" which is a hike in my backyard that covers a mountain. Secondly, "Snap Chiang Mai with a Vintage camera" an introduction to analogue photography. The idea comes from my previous guest who enjoyed taking pictures in my garden. I host this experience at a time when my Airbnb guests go to explore the city. I then turn my garden into a studio and at the same time also introduce the participants of my experience to the neighbourhood which has the reputation as an artist area. Besides all the experiences that I host, I also enjoy spending some spare time doing some sports with my partner.


Hosting Experiences does not just offer me extra money but it's a great opportunity as nightly rates in South East Asia are very low compared to the USA. Booking a room in my home and hosting experiences is quite similar but with experiences, I get to charge per person and not per night. It feels like I get more reservations without having to build a new room.

I get to learn a lot of things that help me improve my hosting skills because of the short timespan of each experience (only 2-3 hr.) I learned how to read the mood of people, and taught them how to be open-minded to each other in a limited amount of time. Luckily, most Airbnb experiences guests are friendly. After 5 months of doing this, I have found people who appreciate what I’m doing in daily life. The replies that I receive also ignite my positive hosting perspective again.

Hiking togetter.

Just look around your home or your own daily activities and maybe you'll find inspiration into creating your own idea for an Airbnb experience :-)

Note: If you feel this artical is helpful, you can also start write your idea to Airbnb via this link: If your idea pass and got a booking I will got a small committion from Airbnb.


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