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4 Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants around Chiang Mai

We did try the meatless or plant-based food week in a few weeks ago and we found that Chiang Mai has so many restaurants that serves vegetarian or vegan . As the city’s residents in Chiang Mai, we are passionate about eating organically, healthy and economically friendly food, so some great restaurants have been established.

We’ve discovered 4 vegetarian restaurants so delicious, even the non-vegetarians will enjoy.

1. GOODSOULS KITCHEN (Old City Branch)

Goodsouls Kitchen serving food that's good for the stomach and soul. They whips up vegan Thai, Western and fusion fare. We came here 3-4 times during 2 weeks of ate plant-based food because it was so fabulous. Definitely recommend coconut yoghurt bowls, pumpkin soup and anything with falafel - we agreed the home made falafels are the best we have ever had!

Place: Goodsouls Kitchen (Old City Branch)

Open hours: 7:00AM - 10:00PM (Open Everyday)

2. PURE VEGAN HEAVEN ***Just 1.1km from Hidden Space***

This is the Vegan Restaurant near our house offers 100% vegan and many gluten free options located at the Freeative Art Space around Wat Ram Poeng Area. At this open-air and good atmosphere serving western-oriented restaurant with friendly servers and the eclectic menu like Thai, Middle Eastern, Mexican, etc.

Here is only place we can find ACAI bowls in Chiang Mai, this is our favourite one and Fafalel Bowls was so good.

Place: Pure Vegan Heaven

Open hours: 9:00AM - 9:00PM (Closed on Wednesday)


Healthy food, super inexpensive traditional vegan Thai cuisine with organic produce and cooked using coconut oil. The meat substitutes are well made and the healthy juices are recommended as well. It's cafeteria style and self service— grab a plate and load it up with a variety of foods. The most expensive plate cost me under 60 baht with a drink and then wash your own dishes and utensils when you finish.

There grocery store have all kinds of herbal foods and products like soaps, lotions, teas, etc. The people here is the kindest, really great community of people, and good price of delicious locally grown food.

NOTE: This place closes some times so the staff can do a Buddhist retreat. Find out before hand by checking them on Facebook. Search for "0baht"

Place: Chiang Mai Vegetarian Society

Open hours: 6:00AM - 2:00PM (Closed on Saturday & Sunday)

4. PUN PUN Vegetarian Slow Food (Wat Suan Dok) ***2.3 km from Hidden Space***

Best for lunch spot in Chiang Mai. Environment is really peaceful because it's inside temple grounds. Quality ingredients prepared with care for many vegetarian options of Thai cuisine like fried rice, stir-fried veggie, massaman curry and etc. Our favourite dishes are Vegetarian Khao Soi and Tofu Steak.

NOTE: It might be harder to find if it's your first time. Make a right after the temple and pass by the parking area. Restaurant is behind the trees on your left.

Place: Pun Pun Vegetarian (Wat Suan Dok)

Open hours: 8:00AM - 4:00PM (Closed on Sunday)


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